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Bikes. Waves. Sunshine.

Too much fun.

In the immortal words of the Dead Kennedys, too fried to type.

As usual, the picture above has nothing to do with this post. So sue me.
It also needs re-cropping. Cuz it’s just a wee bit off-camber. Oopsy.

  1. Ippoc Amic #

    good waves still, yay…

    12 February 2008
  2. jen #

    totally :-)i should have packed the camera when we went out yesterday afternoon. so purty.

    12 February 2008
  3. The Fred Marx #

    you should avoid off chambering into those…. owwww. pointy.

    13 February 2008
  4. marscat #


    13 February 2008

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