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Short and Lazy

The Coastal Commission voted 6-2 against the toll road thingy last night. A report by a CC expert concluded that the road, if built, would do “irreparable” damage to the surf at Trestles. Some of the pro-road peeps claimed that this was just localism, that the Trestles clique just wanted to keep the inlanders out. Localism? At Trestles? Oh, puleeze. We’re not talking secret spot here, kids. B’sides with all that internet prediction out there, just about anyone with a car and an internet thingy can find some surf. What’s the point of getting there faster on the toll road, if there’s nothing left to surf, hmm? Next up, the appeal. More words and some pics of the craziness over at surfline. (As a side note, I wish one of the cycling sites would take lessons from these guys. Pictures are good.)

I had a lovely long bike ride in the sun today. So lovely, that I am far too stupid to write anything more.

While you’re waiting for me to come up with something, have a look at these lovely images:

  1. Ippoc Amic #

    yay…no toll road…

    11 February 2008
  2. The Fred Marx #

    the people spoke and someone actually listened… HOORAY! note to self: must go surf trestles for old time sake… someday.

    12 February 2008
  3. jen #

    Yay!I think I’m overdosing on sunshinyness. Must. Try. To. Write. Words.

    12 February 2008

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