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I like a rainy day at the beach. I have no idea who this dude is, but he made me a nice swirly design.

The rest of this post has nothing to do with the picture. Just one of those things.

Saturday, I went out for a little bikey riding. John was out surfing a rockin’ west swell that the stork brought in from the Pacific. I’m pedalling along enjoying the sunshiny day, when I see some guy riding along ahead of me. He’s going kinda slowlike, so soon enough I roll on up and pass him. I said hi and gave him the requisite roady wave, because I didn’t want him to dash home to his computer and get all ranty on some forum or another about how roadies are a bunch of stuck-up assholes who never wave. (True topic, actually seen in forumland.) B’sides, he’s in my ‘hood, and I wouldn’t want to give the wrong impression. The natives are quite friendly here. Really.

So I said hi, and continued on my merry way. Since there’s some flowery things blooming (they’re obviously confused, like, um, newsflash, it’s January), I had some extra snot that needed removing. Duly removed. Oopsy, looks like slow guy sped up and jumped on my wheel. Who knew he was back there? I didn’t. So now, he’s going to go home and tell all his friends virtual or otherwise about how this mean bitch blew snot on him.

He said he was from the East Coast or some sort of cold place like that. And I’m thinking, you spent all this cash to come out here to ride, and you’re going to spend it staring at my ass? Not like you’re going to get fit sucking my wheel all day, you know.

And he wanted to chat. With my ass. If he’d actually wanted to talk to me, maybe, just maybe he’d have moved on up next to me and we could have had a chat. Not that I really wanted to or anything, but really, it’s odd having someone sitting back there babbling on and on about nothing I can really understand since I can only hear about one word out of ten over the wind.

After a while, I decided I really didn’t want to listen to him back there any more. And more importantly, I had some more snot to dispose of. Usually I just head for the hills under such circumstances. Or turn off somewhere completely random. But there weren’t any random spots for turning and I wasn’t near any hills for heading. So I turned the screws until he blew.

I guess I’m a mean bitch after all.

At least I waved.

  1. Marco Fanelli #

    Dang, now I’m gonna be all scared about riding on your wheel…But anyway, did you ever hear this story about Rick Gill? Seems one day he was riding on Cabrillo and waved at a guy going the other direction. The other guy didn’t wave back. That upset Rick, so he flipped a u-turn and sprinted up to the guy, grabbed him by the jersey and yelled, “Hey, we wave to other cyclists here in SB you muthafukker!!” So yeah, you’re right, we’re friendly cyclists here in paradise.BTW, that’s a sick clean cassette in the post above.

    15 January 2008
  2. jen #

    awesome story :-) i won’t snot on ya, promise. i’m usually really nice. really. it’s just the stealthy ones that get themselves all in trouble like.remarkable what a little simple green and toothbrush can do.

    15 January 2008
  3. marscat #

    perfectly acceptable behavior…someone once told me when they get a little dingle berry on their wheel, they’ll turn and say “uh, this isn’t a group ride.”

    17 January 2008
  4. jen #

    Dingleberry. Ha!My vocabulary just expanded. I knew these blog thingies were good for something.;-)

    17 January 2008

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