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Sandspit at Sunset

Santa Barbara Harbor.

  1. Velo Bella #

    we lost someone to the surf today in Monterey. I might have gone to school with him….always sad when the waves claim one.I love wave watching none the less..

    4 December 2007
  2. marscat #

    i once lost my bottoms in the surf

    5 December 2007
  3. The Fred Marx #


    5 December 2007
  4. jen #

    i saw that on surfline, vb. big wave riding is a crazy, crazy thing. always do the bikini check before standing up, marscat. i’ve never completely lost bikini parts, but i’ve had a close call or two.fred, check pbase, big wednesday. a few teasers. the good stuff is on film. film at 11.

    5 December 2007

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