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No, it’s not the hill profile for a Giro stage, though they will present next year’s Giro course this Saturday. Hair gel and swanky suits, galore! This, my friends, is a “significant northwest swell event,” coming our way next week. The predictor-guys… No, not the bike racers, the surf report guys. Geez, we can’ t talk about bike racing all the time. Anyway, those guys who watch the bouys and computer models and tea leaves and stuff are calling for 15-20 feet. In the channel.

That’s, um, like big and stuff.

Now fear not, gentle reader, I will not be paddling out. That’s a whole lot of water. Like the Stelvio. Only wet. The storm making it happen is sitting close to the coast, so that big mass of water will be movin’ something fierce. But I will be dusting off the beach chair. Because I like to watch.

I might even get out the camera, the one that requires actual film. You remember film, right? Long, skinny, plastic ribbony substance, that when exposed to light and chemicals displays images. You know, that stuff. My film camera still kicks ass over the little digital box, but it only gets to come out on special occasions. If the tide hits just right, the wind doesn’t freak, and Sandspit starts working, that would constitute a very special occasion.

If not, well, there’s always the webcam at Mavericks.

In totally unrelated news, the gray lady plugged ‘cross racing in today’s Escapes section. What next, downhillin’ in Sunday Styles? Mud, Sweat and Gears. You’d think, with the mulitude of talent assembled there in the big NYC, they could rally up a better headline. I mean, even I could do better than that one. Mud… Mud and… Barriers and… Um, well, right. Maybe later. Anywho, click and read. I’ll just be sittin’ here writing headlines. Pedaling… Mud stuck in pedals… Sweat and… Pedals and… Falling… Falling… Falling…

(Graph thingy stolen from wetsand.)

  1. marscat #

    mud gets in your eyes?what beach are you going to watch from?

    30 November 2007
  2. Velo Bella #

    thats the nice thing about mountain biking…you don’t have to wait for the tide or the swell or some butterfly flapping her wings in New Zealand. You just head to the trailhead and ride.

    30 November 2007
  3. jen #

    yep, i like bikes that way. but surfing has the serendipitous thing going on. might be epic, might be nothing. you just never, marsy, the mud was from the cross article, silly. something is definitely wrong if there’s mud mixed up in the surfing!

    30 November 2007
  4. The Fred Marx #

    oooo oooo OOOO I want to come down and shoot photos too. Too bad it’s open the resort season up here in mountainland…..will have to check the mavericks cam

    30 November 2007

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