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Memory Lane

Famous old races, Part 1.
The first Tour winner you remember was…
a) Eddy
b) The Badger
c) Big Mig
d) There was a Tour winner before ’99?

When you first started following the Tour…
a) You called a phone number to get the results.
b) You checked the back page of the newspaper for the top ten listing.
c) You listened to Pierre Salinger extol the merits of Bordeux wines.
d) You watched every stage three times daily on OLN.

Famous old races, Part 2.
a) You saw Coors Classic in person.
b) You raced Coors Classic.
c) You followed Coors Classic in Winning magazine.
d) Coors Classic, you drink that, right?

Your first racing bike had…
a) downtube shifters, hold the indexing
b) Seven speed downtube shifters with indexing
c) Eight speed STI
d) Ten speed

Your first mountain bike…
a) had a steel frame and no suspension. You wore jeans, gardening gloves, and smoked a lot of pot.
b) weighed a ton, but at least it had front suspension. You wore baggies, and still smoked a lot of pot.
c) was aluminum and had a Sid, the lightest noodliest fork ever. You wore bibs, had a road bike in the garage, and never smoked pot.
d) was a carbon full sus with all the fixin’s.
e) had six inches of travel front and rear. Hills? I don’t climb no stinkin’ hills.

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