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Blame the Cat

Cycling Revealed has begun their annual winter trivia game.
New questions show up every week until February.

So trivial.

I scored 7 points out of 15 on this week’s edition. Some of the questions
are like kinda hard and stuff. They’re grading on a curve, right?

Yes. I am a total dork. But you like so totally knew that already.

I had big plans for this post. I was going to write something witty, profound, even earthshatteringly brilliant.
But my cat is sleeping on my arm. I really can’t type so well. Which puts brilliance a little out of reach.

It’s always the cat’s fault.

  1. Ippoc Amic #

    I’m pretty good at sports trivia, but I’m a bit scared to go and look at the questions since I feel the pressure to perform…I did click the link though…

    13 November 2007
  2. marscat #

    ippoc is being humble…she can tell you what color socks so and so was wearing in 1984…

    14 November 2007
  3. jen #

    Do it, do it!It’s funsies :-)I blew one question this week, 11 points.LOL, so much geekiness.

    14 November 2007
  4. Anonymous #

    I blew one this week…13 eek the inner geek cometh forward…

    15 November 2007
  5. jen #

    wait…that means you got the hard ones right, but blew one of the easy ones?geesh.

    15 November 2007
  6. Ippoc Amic #

    oh my…funny thing happened last night…I saw a velonews full page ad with Christophe M. from AG2R and noticed that his socks were different than his teammate’s…

    16 November 2007
  7. Anonymous #

    yep had to be one of the easy one that I had no ferkin clue on… Oh wait I think I used the old SAT trick… guess and You’ll be right some of the time, ‘specially if you can eliminate on or more of the choices…. I seem to ‘member bein’ a fairly good guesser in those days.. ;)

    17 November 2007

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