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Seashells by the Seashore

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  1. Ippoc Amic #

    that surf spot looks really crowded…is that a normal scene?cool pictures…

    7 November 2007
  2. Anonymous #

    hmmm lotsa peeps out on flat day, what no bike race to go to? ;) Nice coast...just one Pepsi and she wouldn’t give it to me…

    7 November 2007
  3. jen #

    that’s cowells, near the pier. super easy spot. there was a surf school thingy going on. three and four to a wave. super entertaining to watch. all the girls had pink boards ;-)

    7 November 2007
  4. jen #

    “what no bike race to go to? ;)”bikey race was the next day, mom, i’m not on drugs, i’m just thinking

    7 November 2007
  5. marscat #

    i love that area in SC. that pic of the 4 houses is very lovely.and your mother says peeps??

    8 November 2007
  6. jen #

    lol, nah, anonymous poster person isn’t my mom :-)“no mom, i’m not on drugs” = song lyric. goes with the “just one pepsi” bit. obscure ref alert!santa cruz is one of my favoritest places

    8 November 2007
  7. marscat #

    oh that’s right, suicidal tendencies..i like that song.

    8 November 2007

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