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You’re not punk…

…And I’m telling everyone.

I went to the gym today. Specificity, Shmecificity. Since I’m not very good with numbers, I kept losing count. Was that two sets or three? Eight reps or twelve? Maybe I need to carry a calculator. Or an abacus.

But counting is so not punk rock. So I just guessed.

Yo, meathead. Yeah, you, making funny faces and loud grunting noises, checking yourself out in mirror. Ohmigod, I can’t believe you can squat three times my body weight.

You. Are. So. Cool.

NOW RERACK YOUR FREAKIN’ WEIGHTS, DUMBASS! Newsflash, pec-boy, there are other people on the planet. And some of us plebes can’t get your 45 plates off the squat rack, mmkay? I really like tracking down some gym staff guy to do it for me, or more to the point, for you, since you’re the one that sucks. So I’m only going to say it one more time: RERACK YOUR WEIGHTS! Don’t make me come over there. Because I’m way, way smaller than you.

Meanwhile, I’ll be slam dancin’ in the corner. A Girl’s got to do something between sets. And it sure isn’t listen to that ’80s crap coming through the sound system. (If you like ’80s crap, I’m sorry. For you.)

Anarchy burger, hold the government. (Extra credit, if you can name the originator of that gem of a phrase.) Speaking of punks, we had a little outburst of anarchy here at Disneyland, right on Main Street. Stop the electric light parade, we’ve got a cataclysmic situation here. Halloween night, a crowd of merry pranksters decided to throw a spontaneous party in the middle of State Street, the main shopping drag lined with chi-chi boutiques. Coach handbag, anyone?

Now, spontaneous outbreaks of “people power” are not exactly the norm here. Yes, student protestors burned the Bank of America in the Sixties (actually, I believe it was in 1971, but sometimes the calender refuses to conform to events), but that, my friends, was then.

I think there might be a few ageing hippies still hiding out in the hills. If you search the halls, there’s probably even a Marxist or two lurking about the University. Has the New Left become the Old Left yet? Inquiring minds. (Full disclosure: All three volumes of das Kapital, first American edition, are sitting here on my shelf. Bound in red, natch.) We have a hardy band of war protestors who never miss a Saturday. Thanks to them, I frequently spend my training rides with peace songs stuck in my head, which at least makes it hard to summon up much in the way of road rage. All we are saying is give peace a chance. (No, no need to thank me, just playin’ it forward.) But in the main, this place is pretty darn mainstream when it comes to the politicin’ A median housing price in the low seven figures just doesn’t bring out the anarchists. Property is Theft.
What, no takers?

Anywho, the Reclaimers led the police on a wacky foot chase around downtown. The cops weren’t so amused, and out came the riot gear. Clear the station. All the cars came peeling out one after the other, getting crazy with the blue flashy lights.

Me? I was just trying to pedal my bikey to the grocery store to get some food. A Girl’s gotta eat, you know.

Please don’t run me over blue flashy lights. All I wanted was a Pepsi.

  1. Anonymous #

    vandals vandals vandals…..I want to be a cowboy….uh huh huh huh huh uh huh huh huhsettle down bevis!

    6 November 2007
  2. jen # you mind if we dance with your dates?

    7 November 2007
  3. Ippoc Amic #

    i like 80s music, but i dislike very much people who don’t rerack their fricking plates…when i went to the gym, part of the workout was carrying the free weight plates and stuff…lot of work…did you hear about the fight in a spin class that led to a lawsuit? one guy was making too much noise while he did the spin stuff so a day trader guy got mad, called him some names and then they fought…anyway, the gym can be pretty a interesting place…

    7 November 2007
  4. jen #

    lol, nothing like peeps behavin’ badly in public.i like the women who are there for the posin’ pick up weight, do three reps, put weight back down, wander off somewhere else, come back, pick up another weight do two reps, check hair in mirror, do another rep, wash, rinse, repeat. sigh… i gotta go there today.

    7 November 2007
  5. marscat #

    what about the lurkers? the ones who practically sit in your lap waiting for you to be done.i went to college at UCB. State street is pretty yucko, but parts of IV, i really liked…if you can believe that.

    8 November 2007
  6. jen #

    i lived in iv for my first two years of grad school. loved it. if i could find a place that wasn’t too spendy or too beat on, we’d probably live there now!state street is kinda silly. there’s a couple decent spots out there, though.gym was pretty chill last night, a freak-free experience…

    8 November 2007
  7. Kimberly (aka. DrKim) #

    mmmm. IV! I live right near there now! Anyway…the worst at the gym for me was the day a girl sat on a machine I wanted and proceeded to have a 20 minute conversation on her phone….while doing NO sets of anything! I asked her TWICE to talk somewhere else, at which time she halfheartedly did a couple of reps and then went on talking…wow. Talk about a waste of time…and im sure she told herself she spent an hour working out in the gym…even if it was just working her big mouth.

    15 November 2007

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