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Happy Halloween!

Leaf Blower.

I’m a tad slow with this blog thingy. Too much time writin’ for wages. I see the blank screen and this deep sort of panic sets in. Ack.
But, I can do pictures. Pictures are good.

I was trying to explain the Surf City mayhem to someone on the local group ride. You mean, you went to a race but you didn’t do it? Well, yes. Haven’t you ever noticed when you’ve gone to a bike race that there are people at the race who aren’t actually racing? They’re doing stuff like running around with results sheets and entering reg info and directing traffic.

Me? I was all over the traffic directin’. There was a football game, and the football people wanted to know all about the bike race.

Hey, that doesn’t look like a road bike. Very astute of you, young man.

How long is the race? Um, Long?

Then, some kids tried to sell John their skateboard for 100 bucks. Where do you skate? Santa Cruz. Uh-huh. Getting the locals only shtick down early. Good show.

I tried to explain to my group ride partner how funny bike racing is when crossed with Halloween. It’s very very funny. Especially when beverages are involved. Who knew there were so many cross-dressin’ bike racers out there? Hmm, did I want to know that? Maybe not, but it sure was funny. I think I wasn’t doing so good with the explaining part, though, because the SB locals weren’t seein’ it. Me? I’m giggling. Them? They’re looking a little confused. Maybe a few pics would help…

<- Scarred for life?

Yum, Orbea better than Banana >

^ Um, waiter? There’s a bat in my belfrey

Uh… A guy in a grass skirt riding a bike? >
(running short on caption ideas here, and really, what is there to say about this one?)

<- Ze dust, ze dust eez 'orrible!

So funny.

  1. Marco Fanelli #

    > I see the blank screen and this> deep sort of panic sets in.but, but… don’t you have, like, a PhD in writing stuff?And also, since when do you get up early enough to do the group ride?

    1 November 2007
  2. marscat #

    that’s a great pic of VB

    1 November 2007
  3. jen #

    marco – that’s two weeks in a row for me, which might be some kind of record. i was kinda late tues, tho. oopsy. marscat – so nice of vb to pose all spooky on the hill like that. cool seeing you – the mask was too funny :-)

    1 November 2007
  4. Ippoc Amic #

    I liked your pbase pics too

    7 November 2007

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