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“Man, wow, there’s so many things to do, so many things to write! How to even begin to get it all down and without modified restraints and all hung-up on like literary inhibitions and grammatical fears…”

—Kerouac, On the Road

If you don’t know what to write, start things off with a good quote, the tried and true cure for blankscreenphobia. It’s so empty and white, that blank screen.

And the little winky thing sitting there, prodding. Hello? Would you type something already? I’m getting bored just sitting here like this, blinking. On. Off. Onoffonoffonoff. Still waiting, impatiently.

In more desperate times, I’ve typed entire pages of other people’s words, in hope that somewhere, somehow, inspiration might strike. Sometimes it even worked. But I’m not so desperate as all that today.

Of course eventually, you’re supposed to erase all that stuff you borrowed from someone else.

But if I did that? I’d actually have to come up with something to say, and I’d be back where I started, sitting here with the blank screen and the winky thing.

On off. On off.

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